Sunday, November 27, 2022

What Happened to Community?

 Well as I was stalking old blogger buddies I noticed I am not the only one absent from the blogosphere. Does anyone say that phrase even anymore?! I noticed it has been years since people have written. Why is that? Could it be the rise of other social media platforms that promise a quick check in fix on someone's profile and then all you have to do is like or love a post? Could it be the deadly virus that was suppose to wipe out the world's population? I don't know the answer I am trying to figure things out myself. 

I can say what it has been for me. Life has been busy, especially since the miracle boy was born, plus we still have JJ's parents to help take care of and now my mom has cancer. Add in secondary infertility, health issues, a high needs child and another miscarriage in 2020 and yeah its been a real picnic in the park. Oh yeah and a pesky epidemic with severe restrictions in my state, I almost forgot about that...NOT! 

So much has gone on and I wonder how everyone is that I used to stay in contact with over the blog world. The most I can do is pray and hope that you all are well. If you are not well, know that you are not alone. There are so many who are hurting in our world right now and it is overwhelming to think about. There are so many who need community right now, yet don't have it or they have the superficial social media community and that is not the same. It seems that the blogging community is/was different. You had to take the time to read someone's post and then decide if you were going to comment or share it. I get that people are busy with their own lives and families, but I sure do miss the blogging community and I am grateful for each of you who I have formed a relationship with over the years. I hope it is not extinct, but if it is God has a plan for each of us so don't forget you are salt and light. Until next time dear reader...

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