Monday, March 2, 2009

The Golden Years...

Wow its been almost a month since we have blogged. Well in the last few weeks we served on a retreat for adults and i had a stomach flu like virus last week. It was not fun (the flu not the retreat). On the retreat we got to talk to people about NFP and marriage which was awesome. We really feel that God is moving us to be more outspoken about the vocation of marriage as a valid vocation and path to sanctity. We are meeting new friends who are married young adults and it has been so refreshing to support one another.

Speaking of marriage this weekend my great uncle and aunt celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! It was so incredible to see them so in love after all these years. They have brought wisdom and a great example to Jack and I. We had a whole wedding weekend with a rehearsal dinner, ceremony&reception and Sunday lunch with the family. I am so lucky to have my family that i can't express all the blessings they bring me. It has been beautiful to see how much Jack has really become a part of my family and I his.
We have started this Lenten season with open hearts to what God wants to reveal to us. We know that it is going to be a great opportunity for growth. Jack has started school two nights a week again :( which means he leaves the house by 6am and doesn't get home until 8:30 or 9pm. I started work again and I am taking a class Friday mornings. I also just finished applying to college to finish my BA and applying for FAFSA. The process was very long but I am glad its all done with. So starts all the busy time that we blogged about that was coming at the end of Feb., well beginning of March. God Reward You!