Saturday, March 20, 2010

Down on the Farm...

Have you ever wondered how it would be to host the NET team for a couple of days? Well we are in the midst of finding that out; and its been pretty awesome. God does His thing.

Anyway, we went to visit a farm here in So. Cali with our friends. When we get together with the Lewis family, its called a Crowis Lewow event. Yeah, we crossed our last names and that's what the outcome, the farm. I did not expect to be eating raw greens that day, but guess what, I did! Dude, we were chompin' on onions, sweet pees, lettuce, carrots and other pesticide free yummies picked right out of the soil. Very tasty, to say the least. I was especally surprised by the powrefully brisk taste of the onion.

Farms are great places of rugged beauty... and food. We got to pick strawberries and eat them straight from God's green earth. It was truly a blessed experience as we celebrated the little Lewis' 1st birthday! Shalom, Jack & Kat