Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Epiphany!!!

Today is Epiphany in Mexico in the US we had it on Sunday. In light of epiphany today we had our own epiphany to start a blog; inspired by the Cordella clan and Angela. It is great to see how you are doing and knowing that I can catch up with you online.
Today was great we did a pretty good workout. We celebrated our 3 year anniversary of being together:) Then we went to Adoration together and then Starbucks woohoo! I started planning a tea party for my Mom's big birthday can't say how old she's gonna be, but its golden.
We are basking in free time and fun these past couple of weeks it has been a long time coming. Jack enjoyed his time off from work and is enjoying his 2 month break from school. Well gotta jet there is more fun to be had:)


  1. im so excited you started a blog!! it will be nice to catch up with you. ill write more later! gotta get to Mass :)

  2. YAY! Kat is back in my life...how I have missed you, sister! I look forward to reading all about your life! Peace!