Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jack's Turn...

Jack decided to blog today so here it goes...

This is crazy. I'm blogging! Well, this is the information age.. or ages, what a big deal, right? I never thought I would own a computer or something so high tech cause I never had much growing up in the ghetto(well my house was ghetto).I have an extreme appreciation for simplicity. Not to say that I am anti change or anti technology, its all good stuff. I mean high tech stuff can help save a life or allow us to see an infant in the womb.

This past weekend at Disneyland, of all places, I had a reminder of my appreciation for simple things. Out of all the rides, I found my self favoring the scary snow white ride. I had no idea what to expect since I never been on it. It through me for a loop! Just the sheer originality of it all! The scary factor was enough to scare the hair off a kid, but for me it was just right to keep me interested to see what came next. After experiencing this masterpiece, I was contemplating what the artists were thinking when they put it together... Some stuff! My wife is awesome!amen.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Re-Cap...

Saturday we went to the happiest place on not Mass, Disneyland. We had to go on Pirates of the Caribbean first of course because that is a family tradition. Then we honed our inner child and went galloping around Disneyland like a bunch of ten year olds. It was an awesome time!

Jack's favorite ride was the scary Snow White ride, "there were twists and turns and unexpected surprises."-Jack

My favorite ride was the AstroBlasters. Where we got to play laser tag on the ride, "We had awesome blasters and I kicked butt!"-Kat

My mom's fav. ride was the the coffee break where we chilled out and listened to a swing band and watched swing dancers,"Woohoo."-Mom

Then we had quite an adventure trying to capture an eel... on film.
Sunday was the Superbowl! We watched it at John, Tina and Makayla's house, our friends. It was great fun and I made apple pie, yum. God is good! Amen.