Monday, May 11, 2009

What we need...

So our past week has been fun, busy and rewarding. So the craziness from our last blog was basically the fact that Jack got a lay off slip from the job he was on:( so he went back to the union hall and worked there for a couple of days then he had two full days of not working then this past Thursday he got hired on another job. Praise the Lord! So its like he had two days of vacation which was a nice break for us to spend more time together. God gave us what we need...

We also had a couple of friends stay with us for a couple of days. I had all guys in the house for two days, i kinda felt like a den mom. It was fun! Jack and i felt like empty nester's when they left. We are also looking in to going to Mexico for our friends Amelia & Javier's Wedding. They are such a beautiful couple that we are very blessed to know.

Yesterdays Mother's Day was awesome. We had breakfast with my mom and brother. Then I cooked dinner for my wonderful mother-in-law and some of Jack's family.

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