Monday, September 21, 2009

East Meets West... Catholic Style

This Saturday we went on a one day retreat/pilgrimage in the high desert just outside of L.A. It was awesome, we got to experience a Byzantine rite Mass. Mass was about 2hrs. long and it was so beautiful! There was so much symbolism in everything that was done. The Byzantine Bishop was the main celebrant for the Mass and he was really funny during the homily.

It was an ancient experience and by the time we got to receive the Eucharist I was totally ready and yearning to accept the gift of this beautiful sacrament. The entire Mass was sung/chanted which made us really feel like we were at the heavenly banquet. It was great to learn more about Byzantine Catholics and how they celebrate Mass (btw they have never had a liturgical reform) and how they have been celebrating Mass for hundreds of years!

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  1. I'm glad you guys finally got to go. Literally the sunday after I got my driver's license, I booked it to one in San Diego. It is an awesome experience. I'm having a hard time finding one in Chicago unfortunately.