Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some Good News!

 I went to see my naturopath this week and the inflammation in my body is down and my hypoglycemia is getting under control! Woohoo! Thanks to the cohort of supplements and herbs I take on a daily basis plus my hardcore nutrition plan. The nutrition plan includes no sugar, corn, peas, white rice, potatoes,  milk dairy products accept butter and eggs, or gluten(which I have been gluten-free for awhile now). Basically I am eating real whole foods mainly veggies, nuts,  and protein; even my fruit intake has been limited to green apples and berries.      
When I went to the naturopath a couple of months ago I really was not doing well at all and my primary Dr. would not refer me to a specialist of any kind. I almost did not make it through EPII, the second phase of my Creighton training. My supervisor was almost going to send me to the emergency room. There was only so much my NaPro Dr. could do because she is not a pcp. My friend had told me about this naturopath that she went to and really helped her out. My husband and I were at the point where we were willing to do almost anything. So we decided to take some time off from cycle plans and TTC so that we could focus on getting me healthy again. 
The first appointment with the naturaopath was not to my liking because even though I was eating healthy there was a lot of things she took away from me, like potatoes. She wanted to address the hypoglycemia head on which meant no sugar even agave or honey. I have to admit I was not wanting to go to the second appointment because I did not feel like I was doing a good job and that I was still sick. She gently pointed out to me that she thought I was being too hard on myself. She reminded me that my body has gone through major transitions in the course of a year from surgery to pregnancy to miscarriage and that it was going to take time to get back to normal. She said that she was really pleased with my progress and that getting hypoglycemia under control was not an easy task on top of having PCOS, especially since prior to the miscarriage I had never had hypoglycemia.
I realized that I have been too hard on myself and I had been secretly blaming myself for the miscarriage. My husband also allowed me to see that it was big deal that my hypoglycemic reactions were not as frequent and that I did not have to take any pain medication for my cramps this cycle. After that discussion and during my prayer time I knew that I needed to start celebrating the little victories. Then I looked up at my wall and saw this and I knew God was telling me to rejoice!     

So here I am rejoicing in God and the grace He is giving me to do this! There is coconut milk chocolate ice cream in the freezer that I would really like to rejoice with right now but it is God's grace that is keeping me from devouring it. There will be a time to have that ice cream and rejoice in that way, for now I will rejoice in homemade applesauce and almonds :)     

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  1. Rejoicing with you! So glad you are seeing improvement and feeling better.