Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quick Takes

This is my first attempt @ Quick Takes so here it goes....

1. We went to a pro-life gala for a local pregnancy help center about a week ago and one of the actresses from the movie October Baby was the key note speaker. It was at USC and there was so much traffic to get there, of course the beauty of L.A. It was a beautiful event and we got to dress up, my husband wore his new suit that was his birthday gift from me. It just reaffirmed our commitment to being pro-life even more so and that our niche in the pro-life movement looks different from your average prol-lifer. We do not go in front of the clinics to pray or protest, neither do we counsel women in crisis pregnancies. We have decided not to do these things for my own psychological well being. I remember praying in front of an abortion clinic one time and I could not handle it and that was before I was even married and trying to start a family. We support the pregnancy centers with donations and NFP training/info. that is where we found we best fit in the pro-life world.

2. This past friday we went to our Theology of the Body study group. We have been going to this group for at least six years. We read one audience together a month, we used to do it twice a month but we all got busier over the years. It was nice to see our friends and we were pretty good about staying on topic. Sometimes we will go on tangents and talk about other things if its just a few of us. This group has been such a blessing to us as we started going to it when my husband was courting me. Now all the regulars are married and one of them has their fifth baby on the way! It is so good to be amongst people who are striving to be better human beings :)

3. Today at Latin High Mass there was an older woman who sat in front of us that reminded me of my great-grandmother(or little grandma as she is known in my family) who died in 2006. Her veil was exactly like one of my little grandma's and her mannerisms were similar. I almost cried during the creed when we sang "I confess one baptism for the forgiveness of sins. And I await the resurrection of the dead. And the life of the world to come. Amen." My little grandma was such a great example of faith to me and she loved Mass and the Rosary. She encouraged me when I told her I was discerning to be a nun and she prayed for me. We also had an Eduardo Verastugui citing at Mass today. I love it when I see Catholic celebrities who are not afraid to practice their faith.

4. The weather has been so nice and cool! Its a drastic change from what it has been the past month. I even got to wear my cowboy boots recently.

5. Finally, I started working on a project. We bought a round dining room table from the thrift store for super cheap. I plan on painting it a bright color and we are leaning toward a shade of green. I have been needing to let out some of my creativity lately and have felt a bit stifled because I have not, so this project is a prefect way to do that.

 Here is the table... 

And here are the color choices...
Happy Sunday and feast of Our Lady of the Rosary! 



  1. Ah so THATs the table! Are you going to sand it first? I tried to paint a table similar to that it looks like, only I started with the chairs and it was too hard so I ended up giving up (and I messed up one chair in the processs, ha). Still have that table...
    And that's crazy you saw Eduardo! Is he short? Random question I know..

  2. Alison, the husband is going to sand it because I hate sanding. Eduardo is not short atleast compared with me which isnt saying much. He is probably atleast 5'10-6ft. It was crazy, I was coming out of the confessional and walking toward the back of the church and he was walking in the church, I played it cool.

  3. Go with the green! Love you, Girl!

  4. #1 - as you as you said "USC" it sent me into a beautiful wave of memories of my year in California as a grad student at USC. I loved living in LA and can't wait to visit again in January. Alison is hopefully going to let me visit with you too while I'm there :).

    #3 - I have to smile because my great-grandma was called "Big Grandma" not because she was literally big, but that was how we indicate great. I think it is an Italian thing :).

    #5 - Cute table! I'd go with blue...and a nice gold trim ;)