Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quicktakes (6)

--- 1 ---
So obviously...............we have a new Pope! I will now be praying for this man after every Mass! God bless Pope Francis and give him strength for the job. Who would seriously want this job?!

--- 2 ---
In less exciting news JJ and I have been taking turns being sick the last couple of weeks! First Aunt Flow came and kicked my butt then JJ got a really bad cold then I got the really bad cold. I am not sure I got the same thing as JJ though because I had a slight fever and chills too. Our house needs to be cleaned because it is so germy. JJ and I are both weird about germs and sharing germs so we are both kind of walking around the house in disgust but we have not had time to clean it.

--- 3 ---
Part of my Lenten promise was to work out M-F but I have not done it at all last week or this week so far. JJ actually advised me not to because of being sick but I kinda miss it. I am almost fully recovered so I am going to start up today again! If you know me, I HATE working out so the fact that I am actually liking it is huge for me. The workout routine I am doing is a dvd and I really like it. JJ and I would not even consider spending money on a gym membership and I am pretty self conscious when it comes to people even just glancing at me while I am working out, so a dvd was a great option. The woman on the dvd kicks my butt and I can "yell" at her things like "You are crazy and NO I will not do five more of anything!" I liked it so much one day I clapped at the end of the workout, lol! I was so embarrassed even though it was just me but I like the way I feel after it, so I clap. I am also noticing that my body is getting stronger which means better health overall :)

--- 4 ---
I have been super busy with Creighton and have gotten my 18 clients! wooohooo! That means I get to take my final in May. I can see the end of the tunnel and it looks great :) I have been at our parish so much seeing clients that the night secretary said I should just be on staff. We get to use a special office for NFP most of the time if the Deacon couple are not meeting there with anyone. It is so nice to have a home for NFP at our parish! I am so grateful that our Pastor understands how important this is. A lot of other ministries at the parish have a place now in what used to be the rectory, it has been so nice to see and interact with each other from different ministries. There is also a small chapel upstairs that I can pray in at anytime I want in between follow-ups or if one of the couples wants to pray together privately they can do so. As much as I complain about being at a parish with big Catholic families with lots of children everywhere, it really is a blessing!     

--- 5 ---
Last weekend I gave a talk at a teen retreat about contraceptives and Church teaching. I read this story and I think the teens were listening especially during the story. JJ told me to stress to them that this is NOT my story because I am a pretty convincing reader. Maybe I should be a professional book recorder for audio books or something, hmmmmmm. 

--- 6 ---
Two prayer requests: One that JJ goes back to work soon, he has been off of work for two weeks now and we are hoping it is not much longer. Back in 2011 he was off for 6 months and we had to use most of our savings to get by. We have been trying to build up our savings again and use it to adopt but now I am afraid we will have to put that on hold for longer than we first anticipated. Second is for our friends who just had a miscarriage. We are so heartbroken for them and continue to pray that God give them comfort at this very difficult time.   
--- 7 ---
Lastly, I have tried to get more involved with people or a women's group but there is not much out here. I did start going to a book club that a friend invited me to and I really liked it. This month we are reading Hinds Feet on High Places. We alternate between a spiritual book and a fiction book every month and then get together to talk about it. The other fun thing I have gone to is a once a month craft Sundays at another friend's house. I am learning to knit so it is nice to have others around who knit or do other crafts as well. It is nice to have these groups as most of the women's groups are for single women or stay at home moms. It's nice to have a mixed group to go to although at the book club I was painfully aware that I was the only married woman there that did not have any children( here on earth), oh IF can't you just leave me alone for one evening!

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  1. Congrats on the client quota! I am sure you will do great on the exam. It sounds like you are off to a great start and praise God that you have a supportive parish.

    #6. offering a prayer for your intentions and one for mine (that you consider foster to adopt :)

  2. I think everyone in the whole world has been sick the past two weeks or so! Ok, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but we've had some bug or other here, too! Ugh.

  3. #3 Good job with working out!! That's impressive - five days a week, wow. I'm inspired.

    #7 That's really nice you have a group of women to spend time with that's focused on something shared, like a book. I know what you mean about being "painfully aware" of being childless. I guess that's our particular suffering to keep offering up.

  4. I'm so sorry about the "painfully aware"-ness. I'm now the only woman at my bookclub who has a toddler and no others. BUT, even with the IF-ness messing with you, there is something wonderful about a group of women getting together to read and learn about the faith. I'm glad you've found a group!

    I love Pope Francis too!

  5. I'm glad that you found a workout that you enjoy so much! And way to go on your Napro clients!

  6. Good for you on talking to teens about Church teaching/contraception! As a Youth Minister, each year when we have our TOB meeting I discuss that critical!