Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weddings, moving, baking and cycles!

So life has been a bit insane around here! 

 We are trying to move out completely by tomorrow plus we have our friend L's wedding on Sat. of which I am baking a simple allergy friendly cake. We also have another wedding next Sat. I am excited for the weddings and look forward to enjoying them fully! As we have had so many weddings it has given me more of a zeal to pray for my single friends in real life and here on the blogosphere. I am starting to realize how hard it can be for those who are single who want to be married to be around this summer wedding season. My heart goes out to them and can identify with them during this season of waiting. 

So as we are packing I just want to give up and throw everything in the moving truck and not worry about packing, I mean we are moving about 5min. away driving distance. As I was taking our pictures down, I was reminiscing about where and when they were taken. Packing is never fast because you go down memory lane with almost everything you have. I also realized that I am not attached to much of our stuff as I have felt like just leaving it all and starting over again. If we don't move everything by tomorrow we still have until the 1st so we will take all the time we need. We have also been trying to help our landlord find new tenants by referring people who are looking hopefully encouraging her to return our full security deposit. JJ has done a lot of the repairs around here and only charged her for the cost of materials not the labor. We gave her a detailed letter plus we have the receipts so I don't think it will be an issue. Instead of packing on Tues. JJ and I decided to go see the new Monster's movie, I loved it! 

We are suppose to have record breaking heat around here so baking and frosting a cake is not going to be pretty. I think I will ditch the frosting for fear of it melting and just dust the entire cake w/ powdered sugar and place fresh strawberries on top. It isn't the main wedding cake but I do want it to be pretty. I didn't finish my book club book, Persuasion, but I am going to go the meeting tonight anyway. I got through chapter 5 so far but I will finish by the July meeting for sure. I have had so much to think about that I do not want to read when I sit down I want to play on the iPad and read blogs.  

I am so glad aunt flow came last week so that I don't have to worry about it with all this craziness. My last cycle was completely dry, my Dr. said that sometimes after the trauma of surgery the body can go into shock and it may take a few cycles for you to see improvement. Ugh, I don't want to be doing this much longer I am so over my cycles. I am sure all this acute stress is going to do a number on this cycle so I have almost given up before the fertile time has even started. I would love to move onto adoption but we are further from it as we have stopped saving for it as JJ has not been working. Why does non foster care adoption have to be so expensive? The thing is that you can't really figure out exactly where your money is going other than lawyer fees. I would love for an agency to give me a print out of exactly who the money goes to and to where it goes. 

All this to say that it is quite busy around here and I have been seeing clients this week along with other volunteer meetings as well. I am so excited to be moved in already and start to unpack and place things where I want them. I wont get to paint the kitchen until next week or the week after because of all the business. My next post will probably be all in pictures from the wedding and the new place! 


  1. That's a lot going on! I'm glad it's all good stuff (except the cycle thing), but it's still a lot of stuff.

  2. Oh the heat of summer! The powdered sugar frosting sounds yummy!
    I despise moving too. And I'm right there with you on leaving everything and starting over again. UGH! It is so time consuming to pack. Have you tried large garbage bags? They were a life saver on our last move. Clothes, pillows, blankets, shoes, large objects that were hard to box ... gosh, they were so handy! And I didn't have to pack things neatly. :-D

  3. Good luck with the move!! I know what you mean about moving and going down memory lane. I feel nostalgic about our move because we're leaving our first married home together.

    Please share pictures of the cake! It sounds gorgeous and delicious!

    And I'm sorry about your crummy cycle =(

  4. Don't be afriad to get people in on your cause. For your birthdays, christmas and more ask for people to help you adopt rather than gifts. Get the word out in your church community and friends. Start a website for donations and walk out in faith if you feel the peace about starting the process. There are so many agencies. I know Bethany offers scholarships for people want to adopt. You can apply for it online.

    I think you will be suprised how God provides when you tell his people how they can be involved in redeeming a life of a chil(ren).

    Don't give up :)

    1. Also, don't be afriad to sell your extra stuff. I know in our process of transitioning to Mexico we noticed that we had so much extra stuff. You can make a ton of money selling your extra stuff online... especially anything electronical(even broken stuff).

      Every little bit helps, even if it is just for a date night!Message us if you need any help in this.