Monday, July 8, 2013

A Rough Week

So last week was a bit of a rough start to July. This is going to be a laundry list of complaints so if you choose to not read any further I understand. 

We moved into our new place and the landlord didn't have it cleaned before we moved in because he said he didn't have time. Even thoug we told him that we would prefer to give our landlord 30 days notice he had us move in ealrier which now our previous landlord is taking part of our secirty deposit out for 12 days rent because we didn't give her 30 days which I am not sure if this is even legal. Due to his lack of time we got stuck cleaning the new place with all of our furniture already in it, so the cleaning process was long and tedious. I told him I am going to charge him what professional cleaners do and take that off the rent next month. He originally offered for us to take $100 off next months rent but I told him I am going to research how much it would have cost to have the place professionally cleaned just in case he was trying to low ball us. 

The shower needs to be re-caulked, the bathroom needs to be painted, the kitchen cabinets need to be painted, the front screen door does not close, one of the window locks is broken, the linoleum is coming up in several places in the kitchen and the ceiling fans may have dust in the motor which is a fire hazard. These are the small things that need to be done don't even get me started on the backyard and the rest of the windows. If I need to publicly blast our landlord on my blog to get this stuff taken care of I will do it, but I am hoping it doesn't have to come to that ;) 

JJ has been going through some spiritual and emotional stuff with regard to the transition so please pray for him. I have a peace about where we are at and trust that God will provide for our needs. I am trying to be a supportive and understanding wife and know that all I can do for my hubby right now is pray for him and listen to him. JJ is still not working so St. Joseph pray for him! 

I haven't taken any of my NaPro protocol cycle stuff due to the move, weddings and overall craziness. This cycle looked like it was going to be another dry cycle but in the last couple days I started to see something. So keep praying ladies! I really have no idea where I am at with all this NaPro stuff, I almost want to give up before years end. I am sure the stress of this house is not helping matters any either. 

The upside of the house has been walking to daily Mass and seeing this when I walk through the door...

Thank you again for the prayers, I know that even though this last week was tough the grace of your prayers helps us to turn continually toward God and His will for our lives! 


  1. So frustrating on the new place not being clean! But I love that mantel!!!

    Continued prayers for you and JJ.

  2. Ugh, that sounds crazy and frustrating and horrible! I am sorry. I hope you get things sorted out quickly and peacefully with both of the landlords. I love your fireplace mantle. So beautiful! And prayers for JJ.

  3. I'm so sorry that it hasn't been a smooth transition! Moving is rough anyway, it's never fun with all of this is added to it. Praying for you and JJ!

  4. I'm sorry =( That is so stressful about your house! I hope you get things taken care of soon, and that your landlord gives you a fair price for all your labor. Just take little steps at a time: that's what I keep telling myself in regards to moving in and getting settled. Soon this will all just be a bad memory and you'll have a beautiful home to live in!!! Praying for you especially in July =)

  5. Jeez, Kat! You call that a laundry list? It was a lot shorter than I expected; if you want to get "better" at complaining, just let me know; I'll be happy to give you lessons. ; ) Depending on how your lease was written, it is likely that the old landlord can use part of the security deposit if you weren't able to provide the amount of notice required. At least the new landlord is willing to allow you to deduct something to cover the cleaning. If JJ is handy, maybe you could negotiate with the landlord for him to do some of the repairs in exchange for a reduction in rent. I'm sure right now every bit helps.

  6. Hi,
    You have been (and continue to be) on my "rosary list" courtesy of "Adopt-a-blogger" (don't worry, it's a short list this month).

    This is totally, totally random, but I actually wanted to recommend a book to you. On the off chance you get time to read. The book is "The Gospel of Mary" by Fr. Gabriel Amorth and it is a deceptively short little book covering all stages of the Blessed Mother's life. It is meant to be read as a daily devotional, a few pages a day for 30 days. I say "deceptively short" because there is so much wisdom and insight in it that you might find yourself pondering a chapter for weeks.

    To give a bit of background, the author is a Marian scholar and I was just blown away by his insights into the characters of Mary and Joseph, their experiences and their relationship with each other and with God. They, too, were on an ever-changing and uncertain journey and so I thought hey, maybe this book would be relevant to you at this stage.