Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Getting Back on Track

Ok, so there have been a few things in my normal routine that I have slipped up in lately. One of them is my prayer time. I usually pray in the afternoon between 2-4pm for about 45min. I go to the church and sit in there or I go to the small chapel in the rectory offices. I don't like going into the adoration chapel because there is always someone there and I prefer to be left alone, literally, when I pray. I am also easily distracted so if people are coming in and out of the chapel I will look and wander in my thoughts. I am pretty persnickety about my prayer time because I love the solitude! I even get a little annoyed sometimes if JJ comes to the rectory chapel with me, which makes me think we missed our calling as cave hermits. I know I won't always be able to go to the church for my prayer time so I also need to work on creating a space in our house that I feel comfortable praying in. 

Another thing that I have slipped up in is my exercise routine, womp womp. I haven't been in a good work out routine since before my surgery back in April. I love the work out dvd that I was doing but I just haven't gotten back into it. I just need to suck it up, stop being lazy and put the dvd in and get to workin'! I noticed yesterday as my goddaughter and I were on are usual walk around the neighborhood and we were jumping and running and I noticed I got tired easily. I also need to strengthen my core so my lower back problems don't become an issue again. I really wish this could be my workout...



I have also been trying to work on my make-up skills. I am not one to wear a ton of make-up but I have been wanting to try and take care of my appearance. I am not saying I am going to get all dolled up everyday but I do want to look attractive, not for attention but for myself. I feel better when I do my hair and make-up instead of just tossing my hair up and thinking I don't have time.

I have had too much cane sugar lately and I know it. My hypoglycemic reactions have been making their subtle appearance it also doesn't help that I have been skipping my mid morning snack. I would love to not have to pay attention to what I eat but for my overall health I know it's important. I need to make sure that I eat on time so I am trying to do meal plans for the week. 

Working on my marriage has been at the forefront of my mind and actions. I have been trying to make sure I let JJ know that he is a priority especially as he is not working again. This economy sucks as well as the lack of union jobs! The company that he went to work for on Oct. 1st only needed him for 3weeks so back to the hall he went after that. It is so hard for him to go to the hall everyday and not get work, so I am trying be supportive in whatever way I can be. I likened JJ not getting work even though he is trying to me always getting a negative pg test no matter how awesome my cycle looked. I have a tendency to be attached to my phone and iPad so I am trying to spend less time on them when JJ and I are having our time, we also don't keep them in our room at night. I am finding that I sleep better with out the electronics in our room. I deleted the game candy crush from our game apps because JJ did not like me playing it and I understood why because I was getting obsessed and addicted. I have been praying for JJ more on a daily basis as I am doing work around the house so that I remember he needs prayer too. 

So those are some things I am working on around here and this is the week to do it! This week I am going to start getting back on track in all of these areas. I'll let y'all know how it goes! What are you working on? 



  1. I keep my games VERY limited on my kind.le. There's a reason that I only have a few games and it's old school like solitaire. One, of course, is because old skool is free, but also because I get less addicted to them. I think the biggest thing I need to work on is getting to confession regularly. I went at least monthly back in the Midwest, but here I thought I was doing well once because it was only 6 weeks and so I figured I was getting back on track... And suddenly the next time was 3-4 months later.

  2. Your post is motivating me!! I think of all those things, husband and prayer are top priorities, and I sure could give both of those a little more attention. I totally get you with the Candy Crush addiction. I was obsessed for a while and would ignore my husband while I let myself get sucked in. It was ugly. I even forced him to get it on his phone so he could send me tickets to advance levels. I think I reached level 75 before I realized how distracting and selfish it was. Oops! I was glad to delete it. :)

    I also hear ya when you mentioned working out and how it was affected by surgery. I haven't worked out once since my surgery (which was over 1 month ago), so I'm trying to motivate myself to go back to Jazzercise, esp. since I'm paying for a gym membership. Baby steps, though. Maybe I'll start this week with a few walks on our apartment's treadmills.

    Good luck with all of your goals. You can do it!! :)

  3. Right now I'm going mildly nuts... it wasn't that long ago that we hosted the giant late fall birthday party for my husband's family, and now I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving with my family. Since everyone lives so far away, we'll also celebrate Christmas and the end of the year birthdays then, too. That means I only have a few short weeks to finish Christmas shopping for them.

  4. I'm sorry to hear JJ is out of work again. I'll be praying for both of you. Like you, I need to focus on my husband right now, being supportive and honest with him.

  5. I liked reading this! I don't know why, good reminders to just always work on ourselves. I have tried to stay away from all phone games because I have a tendency to be a crazy game addict. Dr. Mario and Tetris when I was little and I gave my college computer so many viruses because I was addicted to snood! I need to get into working out again too :(