Monday, March 17, 2014

Little Happies (Vol. 1)


Linking up with Blessed to Be today for her Little Happies series :) 

This jam is oh I don't know, nothing short of amazing! I got it at TJ's a couple weeks ago for a tea party I had for an engaged friend. It was good on a scone with some cream, it was good on pancakes, it was good with some sunflower seed butter and it was amazing as a coconut milk ice cream! Yup I went there, I made blackberry coconut milk ice cream with it and it was This stuff is great :) 


This small book case we got for our entry way on Saturday makes me smile. For awhile we have been needing some kind of table/bookcase to keep our bible study and RCIA materials readily available as well as a place to dump my CrMS bag and purse. I had been putting it on the couch and coffee table which made our living room look messy but now its all nice and tidy. Yes, clean and organized spaces definitely are one of life's little pleasures.



These quotes from Verily Magazine that they put up on almost daily. I had been enjoying every single one of them before I went off of for Lent. They have some really great quotes and articles, it's a really good magazine. 



No picture for this one because that would be kind of weird, Confession is my 4th Little Happy. I got to go on Saturday after weeks of wanting to go but not taking the time to go. JJ and I went as we had almost the whole day to do what we wanted, it was so glorious! I love the graces that are available through receiving the Sacraments. 


No picture for the last one either, womp womp. I am not great at taking pictures while having fun, I either forget to bring my camera or to use it. Number five is hanging out with friends! We hung out with some friends we hadn't spent time with in awhile and it was nice to catch up and share that delicious ice cream I made. You know those friends who are the real deal and you feel like spending time with them makes you an all around better person, yeah those are the friends that we hung out with for a couple hours on Sunday evening. 

{6} Bonus!
Gluten free home made waffles! I made them on Sunday morning as we had an unexpected cancellation of our RCIA class we teach. I took the time to make them instead of making plain old pancakes. We used our new waffle maker and they were so good. I haven't had really good gfree waffles and these have been the best. I didn't take a picture because by the time I thought about it they were all gobbled up! 

     {7} Another Bonus!

These Polish dishes my mother in law picked up for me at a yard sale. They also match her wedding set from Japan that my father in law bought when he was stationed there while in the Navy. I have always loved her wedding dishes that she brings out for special occasions so when she saw these matched hers she asked if I wanted them, of course I said yes. If there is anything I have learned from being married it's that you don't refuse gifts from your MIL ;) Aren't they just gorgeous! I love them and I was happy to use them when I had the tea party for my friend. They really stole the show for me and I felt so fancy using them.


I hope you all are enjoying Little Happies of your own! 


  1. The china is so beautiful! What a treasure. And I'm like you - I always forget to take pictures, even of things I really meant to take pictures of. Love the organization - I agree, that's a little happy for sure!

  2. I love that China! And anything GF that turns out good is definitely cause for happiness :).

  3. It is the best when you can find things to be thankful for!

  4. Ooh, what pretty dishes!
    And I agree, clean and organized spaces make me very happy too!

  5. That jam sounds delicious!! As do the GF waffles! Do you have a recipe? That china is beautiful. It's always fun to eat off of pretty things. I think all of your Little Happies are wonderful and I'm so happy you joined in. :)

  6. Can I try that jam on some of those GF waffles? Because that sounds wonderful! I love those quotes, especially the first one. I think that's so true in life.

  7. That china is beautiful! I'm a fan of the Bonne Maman jams; I haven't seen that brand before.