Thursday, April 16, 2009

Game Night...

Last night I went to see the Los Angeles Dodgers defeat the San Francisco Giants 5-4! I went with a friend and we had a blast. It was looking grim for the Dodgers until we tied the score then we scored in the last inning to win it. My friend and I agree that we would have beat the Giants by more if we finished the inning but hey I am not complaining, we won. I am new to being a fan of baseball considering my first Dodger game was almost two years ago. I know I was deprived as a child! Jack was not able to make it because he had school. We still have many more chances to catch games this season.

Tonight my awesome mom is going to make us dinner. There's nothing like mom's home cooking! Today is my friend Xochitl's Birthday! Happy Birthday Xochitl! She is a very caring person who we met about six months ago. We are very thankful God has put her in our lives. We love you! Yahweh-Shalom!

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