Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Marriage 101

As Jack and I celebrate one year and seven months of marriage today I am prayerfully reflecting on what I have learned so far. In five months it will be two years, that blows my mind! My communication skills have definitely improved considering I am the type to not say anything when something seriously bothers me and I avoid confrontation. Jack will probably tell you that I don't have a problem with that anymore. More than anything Jack has taught me that each of our feelings matter and we must hear one another out.

On a lighter note I have learned to be more creative in cooking and baking. I have learned that I really like it and that (according to Jack) I am awesome at it! I feel like God is allowing me to discover all these great tips and tricks to cooking healthy, delicious food on a modest budget. I have also learned not to wash clothes when the washer hose is not properly secured to the sink (oops)! I haven't shrunk any clothes yet so that is a plus :-)

I think the most important think I have learned so far is that I have a wonderful husband. God has truly blessed me with who I need to lead me closer to heaven day by day. So praise be to God for our marriage! May we have many more days, months and years together. I Love you babe!

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