Friday, November 9, 2012

Guest Blogger!

  Hello people of blogosphere. I am honored to be a guest here on the Crow's Nest. I'd like to thank my wife for the invitation to share with you a bit of my perspective on things. 

We eat very healthy. My wife has to take a lot of vitamins supplements and I don't like it because it is something that is sucky for her. I can't drink milk because I stink afterwards. I take a vitamin once a day and I feel that it helps me because when I don't take it I feel not as good. I like the rain and it is raining right now. It makes me think of when my wife and I were at our honeymoon because it was very stormy and we had to stay inside. What a drag... just kidding.

   Well, we are going through the process of trying to see what we think about adoption. We thought that it was easier than this.  Now that we have looked into some agencies and got some information we are still faced with some challenges. One agency sent us a form that had a lot of boxes that we are to check off about our preferences with what kind of child we would want to adopt... What kind!?!?!! How do you answer those kinds of questions? I have never really thought about these specifics before. Maybe I have a little, but to see labels like "drug abuse" and "learning disability" and all the other options, it makes me feel like we are trying to get the perfect kid. I did not know that these things mattered, but I'm finding out that they do. We are called to be husband and wife as well as mother and father. We want to raise children and they are not going to be perfect, whether they are adopted or biological. So, that's hard.

  I have heard some weird stories about adoption. The kid tuns out to be crazy and the parents go crazy. The parents finally tell them they are adopted and they run away from home... that sort of stuff. I have also heard many, many more stories that are life changing in a very different way. A very good way. Stories about those that were adopted having a great childhood and loving their adoptive parents. I think it all comes down to the fact that these kids need a mother and a father to raise them and we are open to do just that. It's like we just have to pick up where some one else left off.

   Adoption costs money. It seems kind of funky, like we would be "buying" a child at the store or something. I do not know the exact cost for all that is involved. We are finding out when the next informational session is going to take place and, this time, we are more serious about going. We have said in the past that we would " go to the next one", but never have. I think that it is a very important step to take to help us in our discernment on this subject. God is not going to force us to do this, we have to get off the couch.

  This is JJ signing out.


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  1. JJ - thanks for sharing your take on things. I will be praying for you guys as you navigate these adoption waters.