Thursday, November 15, 2012


--- 1 ---
JJ has been working a lot! In the last month he worked six days a week and some 10hr days. Which means that we have not gotten to spend very much time together other than Sundays, which has now become very precious to us. This past weekend he did not work Sat. and he had Mon. off in honor of our Veterans, so we got three whole days together. Sat. was spent traveling 8hrs in the car round trip to meet the new interns. It was so great to spend time together, catch our breath from the business, and just talk and laugh. We got to talk more about adoption, ways to save our money and how much we love mountains. On Sunday we had a serendipitous meeting with a pro-life obgyn who had come out of the adoration chapel as we were coming out of Mass. She had shut down her practice for a while and has opened it back up again. The great news is that she is only 20 min. away so I can refer clients to her who can not travel the 1.5 hrs away to our local NaPro Dr. Awesome. She is also thinking/praying about becoming NaPro trained! She has been an obgyn for many years and it would be great to have a NaPro Dr. so close in L.A., yes please!  
--- 2 ---
Meeting the new FertilityCare Practitioner Interns! On Sat. I got to meet the new CA program interns. It was a small class of 4 and one was from South Carolina. They had just taken their final exam and were having their lunch break before heading back into lectures about yellow stamps and infertility. The poor ladies looked so tired and d-o-n-e, I remember what that felt like to be in lectures from 9am-6pm with lunch and some potty breaks in between. I am excited for them and I got to give them a gift bag I put together with a couple of letters of encouragement from some of us from the class before. It has become a tradition for the class before to meet the new class, which was started 3 classes before us. I am so thankful for my Creighton family!   
--- 3 ---
Speaking of Creighton I recently got two new clients which brings me to a grand total of 10 and just 8 more from my required number to finish the program. It is tough to get clients here, not many people are interested and it is a lot of advertising and marketing which my husband and I don't have very much experience in. Plus I am not bilingual which would be helpful here in L.A. I have an Intro. Session coming up this Sat. which I know I will get at least two new clients who confirmed with me recently. I am hoping to do my supervisor visit some time in January. Ahhh, I am scared of the sup. visit! I am even more scared of the final exam...
--- 4 ---
 Election, I know a little late huh?! I was not going to go there but I will. I did not want Barack Obama to win but I did not want Mitt Romney to win either. I am glad that this whole election is over and my little Independent heart can rest if only for a little while. I will say that I hope BO keeps his promise to compromise with republicans and independents. A huge way he can do that is to stop spending our hard earned money on services we can not afford any more and remove the HHS mandate from ObamaCare! We are in serious danger of our religious liberty as Catholics in this country and I hope the president can see that and honor the U.S. Constitution! I will continue to pray for BO and our country because who would want to be president, it is a tough job. There I am done.  
--- 5 ---
 Christmas is coming! I am seeing all of the decorations and advertisements but I am not stressed one bit. JJ and I decided that we did not want to give any gifts this year and we do not want to receive any gifts this year. I know you are thinking Scrooge, Bah Humbug, and the Grinch but let me explain. We have had a tough year starting it off w/ miscarriage, JJ's injury and knowing that we will not be celebrating baby's 1st Christmas even though I was just days pregnant last Christmas. While we were talking about what to do and get everyone this Christmas we found ourselves stumped. After thinking about it for a little while we decided that we would rather have quality time with those we love. So we are inviting family over for Christmas and everyone will bring a generic $10 gift then we will do a game gift exchange complete w/ food, movies and games! JJ and I will not be exchanging gifts either which we traditionally do on Epiphany, we will each plan a day date out for one another. I will still make my applesauce and candies for everyone and I will get my goddaughter something because she is only a baby and it will be so cute to watch her try and open a gift plus quality time at the LA Arboretum with her Nina :) Still think its Grinch like?
--- 6 ---
So my progesterone is still low :( My NaPro Dr. is upping my dose to give me greater post peak support. We will be making an appt. soon to go see Dr. Awesome to look at cycle plans before her maternity leave. So we will probably go see her in Dec. and we will go back to monitoring my prog. every cycle so the vampires get to have fun drawing my blood again, ouch. On the opposite side we got our first packet from an adoption agency! We looked at the price and said we can't afford it. Then I went on my super secret awesome Facebook group to ask about other people's experience and we got some good info. to look into, like the Adoption Tax Credit that may expire soon and a possible reimbursement from JJ's employer. Thanks so much for the info. all we will be praying about and investigating what would be the best thing for us. For now we have discerned that foster care is not for us at this point. One big reason is that we would like to homeschool and we are opposed to certain vaccines which we would have no choice in because the State would have more say so than us.    

--- 7 ---
Finally Vacation Time! We will be going on vacation to Seattle this Sat. and returning Thanksgiving evening. We are so excited, woohoo! My next blog will probably be from there and I will try and take great pictures :)
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  1. Have a great trip! I'm so glad you posted that adoption question - it's been a quiet question in the back of mind "how much does it cost?" and I'm glad to have gotten some answers and places to seek out some new answers.