Friday, May 10, 2013

Quick Takes (8) Music that Keeps Me Sane Edition

This will be an all music edition for this week. I will explain some of my choices but for the most part, the music speaks for itself. Remember to head to Jen's  for more Quick Takes! Enjoy :)

1. Anything Tyrone Wells, he  is a greatly talented singer/songwriter. JJ and I got to go see him play at a bar/music venue in West Hollywood a couple years ago and it was awesome! One of my favorite songs of his right now is This Love off of his This Love album.

2. The Lumineers, Ho Hey. Now I know what you are thinking, everyone loves this song! Well I would just like to say I did not even know they were playing this song on popular radio until a couple months ago. I have liked the Lumineers since I stumbled upon them 2 years ago and I waited for months just to buy this song on itunes and waited more months to buy the album. I would even go to their website just to play this song over and over again, ask JJ. Ok, so I am a fan.

3. Yes, I know another song that everyone likes but it is a great song. Mumford and Sons I Will Wait

4. Corinne Bailey Rae, Put Your Records On  

5. 311,  Amber

6. Phillip Phillips, Home

7.  Another Tyrone Wells song Sink or Swim

There were many other songs that I wanted to put but I had to cut the list down. There were some songs from the 1990s that are classic and even a song from the 1950s, oh and the Latin Jazz that JJ and I love but alas you will have to wait for next time.


  1. Music can be so healing. Have you heard of "Shane and Shane"? They are my favorite. These two guys sing scripture and prayers from the heart. Psalm 139 or 145 from one of their first albums are so beautiful. Even better, try to see them in concert :)

    1. I will check them out, thanks! I typically don't listen to "Christian" music unless I am listening to praise and worship because I love me some good praise and worship :)

  2. I have some new music to listen to! :-) I always like others suggestions! Thanks!!