Friday, May 17, 2013

Quick Takes(9)

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It is back to regular Quick Takes this week! Remember to head to Jen's for more!

Recovery from surgery is getting better each day. I go back to the Dr. on the 30th to make sure I am healing properly and probably to come up with a plan going forward. I haven't done much except study and change my blog around to brighten it up. What do you think of the new look? I was looking for a picture to put up of me on the side bar but most of them are with JJ and I don't know that he would be comfortable with that. So I looked for a solo picture of me and did not like any of them. So I guess I will have to have a photo shoot(randomly taking pictures with the iPad) soon w/ my photographer(JJ).  
JJ has not been working since the end of February so if y'all could pray he goes back to work soon, like by June that would be great!
I have been going back and forth with the idea of cutting my hair. I would not cut it drastically as JJ likes my hair long, of course he says I can do what I want with it and he will love me no matter what my hair looks like. It is about mid way down my back and is becoming quite a nuisance to deal with. I either end up putting it in a side braid or curling it. I need a new/better curling iron so I seldom end up curling it. If it were a few inches shorter it would feel more comfortable down plus the summer is coming. If I cut it do I go to my usual hair dresser or let JJ trim it? He has trimmed my hair a couple times before and it has worked out ok, but he does not know how to do layers which is what I like. In my mind I can not justify the added expense of going to my hair dresser with JJ not working right now....hmmm what to do what to do?

I joined a book club a few months back and have liked the vibe so far, it takes me awhile to decide if I want to stick with a group because I am usually slow to warm up to new people. A few of the people already in the group are acquaintances from Young Adult groups in the archdiocese. It seems like most of the people in the group know each other really well which kind of makes me feel like the odd lady out plus I think I am the only married woman there who does not have any children(here on earth that is). They are all very nice women so I am sure I will get in a groove with them soon. I really like the structure of the book club because you earn more points(or stickers in this case) the more books you read. We get a book mark and we can level up to a different color book mark, the more we read or lead the discussion one month. JJ laughs at me when I speak of trying to "level up" like it is a video game or something. I like reading and I like competing against myself so win, win!

Mother's day was a surprisingly OK day for me this year. I thought a lot about Cecilia and smiled at her existence. JJ got me a few things to remember her by and he held me closer to him that day. Our plans were going to be to go to Mass, do our traditional drive by In-N-Out to get a burger, come home to relax and call our mothers. Well my mother actually invited us to dinner along with JJ's parents. So we went to dinner at our favorite Mexican place with our parents and it was great because most of the Mother's Day crowd was gone by dinner time. My mom got me a gift which was really nice, I felt like she understood that Mother's day could be a difficult day for me and it felt like she recognized my motherhood, which is a change from last year. So all in all it was a blessed day! I did pray for all those who were having a difficult day that day during Mass and throughout the day.

I started working with clients again this week. I was off from all things client for a couple weeks after the surgery so I needed to get back into the groove of things. It was nice to be off for a few weeks it was like a Dr. ordered Creighton vacation! I did an Intro. Session for a new client yesterday and it felt good to be back doing what I love.

Speaking of Creighton I am suppose to have my final exam Saturday, tomorrow at 9am. Please send up a few prayers on my behalf! I have been calm and then freaking out at times this week so it will be nice to just get it over with. I have been studying the last two weeks, but more seriously this week. Aunt flow should also be coming any day and she may be more painful since I am still recovering from the surgery.  I am hoping she does not come tomorrow, ugh that would be horrible! I hope she either comes today or waits for Monday. Worst case scenario is she comes on Sat. morning and is unbearable to the point that I can't take my exam, then I have to wait to take it in August. That would be kind of ironic to tell my supervisor the reason I am delaying my exam is because of Aunt Flow. Haha, on that note have a great weekend everyone!   


  1. I love the new look!! What is the picture of, at top? It's beautiful.

    That's so sweet of your mom to get you a mother's day gift. I was just glad my mom didn't say anything (unintentionally) hurtful.

    I'm impressed that you're even considering having JJ cut your hair! I don't think I have that amount of trust in my husband, ha ha =) I do cut his hair though - that's a big money saver for us.

    Good luck on your exam!!!! You're going to ace it, I know =) And stay away AF!!!

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    2. The picture is of the coastal mountains in Big Sur, CA. We've gone up there a few times and it is beautiful!

  2. Praying for your exam to go great!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that your recovery continues to go well. I hope that AF doesn't interfere with your exam tomorrow. Barring being physically unable to take it, I'm sure you'll do well. : )

    I, too, have been coping with hair that's gotten a bit too long. Not only does my DH end up laying on it, I keep getting it caught in painful ways when I'm sprawled on the sofa or laying in bed.

    1. Exactly, my hair has gotten caught and pulled on so many things lately!

  4. I cut my husbands hair..but I might let him do a trim, but would never let him attempt a layer or anything. Will be praying for your exam tomorrow. & GOOD LUCK!!

  5. Sending prayers your way that AF stays far away and you are able to take, and pass! your test.

    I will also be praying for JJ to head back to work, St. Joseph the Worker, pray for JJ and Kat!

    Can I just say how jealous I am that your post-Mass routine is to go through In-and-Out Burger?!?! How I miss that place!!!!

    1. Haha! We don't go every Sunday but we have gone more in the last month because I have failed to plan dinner and it is super cheap. Don't worry I get it protein style w/ out cheese and I put it on a bed of greens/spinach when I get home so it is not so burger like but I do get the fries ;) If you ever come back to CA we will for sure go there!

  6. Praying for your test!! And the book club story was great. I would probably be the same way as I love competition!

  7. That's really cool that your husband cuts your hair. My sister and I cut each other's hair. Have you tried looking at Youtube videos for instructions on how to do layers? If you already let your husband cut your hair, maybe there's a simple technique he could learn.

    I'm praying that your exam went well!

  8. Glad to hear recovery is going well.

    I like the way your book club runs. Any reading suggestions?

  9. Love the new look and the header photo! I'm glad Mother's Day was okay for you this year.

  10. I DO love the new blog look! NICE!!!
    Is there a beauty school that would cut hair in layers for a lesser cost? It helps to have shorter hair in the summer. I'm hoping to get mine trimmed soon. But I wouldn't let my DH trim it. I'd have to pay someone to fix it. :-) But I do cut his hair. Go figure. :-)
    Hope you did AMAZING on the exam & passed with flying colors!!