Friday, July 19, 2013

The meltdowns...oh the meltdowns!

I have had more meltdowns and irritability this week than I think I had when I was a teenager! Ugh, the hormones! To top it off I can't even know where my hormones are at yet until next week. The lab said the blood work could take up to 6days because of the added Vit. D check my Dr. ordered. Usually when it's just estra.diol and progest.erone it only takes a couple of days. If my progest.erone is fine then I will be really shocked because the PMS came with a vengeance this cycle. Two cycles prior to my surgery the PMS was getting bad again and my prog. was low. My NaPro Dr. said lets monitor it and increase your dosage if we need to, well Doc I think it needs to be upped!

I just feel bad for my poor hubby, today as we were cleaning and organizing the house, which he did most of because I have also been super tired, I had 3 meltdowns complete with crying. One of those meltdowns was because I couldn't decide where to put the shoe rack in our bedroom, seriously?! I have not been able to make a decision without having a fit, I felt like a toddler today. I just want this cycle to be over so I can get back to being a normal human being again complete with being able to make simple decisions. After the 3rd tantrum, JJ and I started laughing because we know this is not normal for me, at least not for it to be so bad. I praise God he is so understanding and patient he even patted my back as I was throwing a fit and said "that's ok, I am going to let you have your fit." 

Thanks for reading these ramblings and hopefully we will get to the bottom of these hormones by the beginning of next week. Have a great weekend and I am going to go have some chocolate! 


  1. Oh Kat - I have had moments like it. The worst was when I had a fit over decorating the Christmas tree. I just completely lost it and started shouting. It was bad. Prayers coming your way :)

  2. Oh goodness gracious, I hope you got some really, really good deserve it!! Yes, this sounds absolutely horrible! Prayers for you both!

  3. Oh yeah..I've had those hormonal moments as well. I just wanted to let you know that I am offering up a lot of suffering for you this month...since you are the adopted blogger. Hopefully, my extra suffering this month will help you get through the next few weeks.