Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Shaking Things Up A Bit

Since my last post there have been so many amazing opportunities to recognize the root of a lot of my self-esteem issues. The actual instances are coming to memory and I am sitting with them for as long as I need to, then moving on. This is not what this post is about though.

So on Sunday our landlord came by unannounced, while we had company over and gave us a letter stating we had 60 days to move out because he plans on selling the house. He explained what the letter was, in front of our company and then proclaimed "we were going to wait until after the holidays to do this but then we decided not to." Wow, really?! We have only been here a year and a half and we asked him before we rented it when/if he planned on selling it. He had said not anytime soon, I guess to him this is not anytime soon. I digress though because if I think about this too long I will end up writing a post about this man, which will eventually put me in an occasion of sin. 

This month we are going to be doing the u/s series, looking for a new place and trying to experience advent and Christmas! When I told my mom, one of the things she said was "your landlord ruined Christmas! You won't have time or extra money for gifts." I laughed because Christmas can't be ruined. It's not about things, it's about an event that changed the course of humanity. It is the event that the entire cosmos awaited, when God became flesh in the person of Jesus Christ! So I am pretty sure Christmas can't be ruined. I know my mom knows this and it does feel like we are up against a real life Scrooge for doing this right before Christmas but Christmas is bigger than this. Christ is bigger than this! Plus I already got my mom and little goddaughter their gifts a while ago. Everyone else will understand that we don't have the time or money to do gifts, I will just bake a bunch of cookies to give away. 

We are sad to leave this current place because the location is awesome! It is right next to our parish where I have my follow ups, the sisters of charity and the Carmelites are down the street and the neighborhood is so nice to run in! We are hoping we find a place close by that is cheaper so we can save some money. This has made us more open to different possibilities because we have no idea where we will be at the end of next month. It is going to give us an opportunity to scale down and become minimalists with our stuff. We don't mind getting a much smaller place because it's just the two of us at this point and that's all we can plan for. I told JJ I wouldn't mind a small 1 bedroom place like our first apartment, it could be like our own hobbit hole again. We are already planning on getting rid of some furniture to prepare for a smaller place. I even told JJ we could move to a different county or state and go on an adventure! We both laughed but we are open to whatever/wherever God is calling us to. 

It definitely feels like so much is happening at once plus our anniversary is on one of the days during the u/s series. What a fun way to spend an anniversary, right? (Note sarcasm) We are using our resources with the Carmelite sisters and Sisters of charity for prayers and to be on the look out for places for us. Would y'all say a prayer for us this month for our intentions? We would greatly appreciate it! 

Something that I am appreciating from all this going on is the way JJ and I take on these challenges together. We are a team, we pull together and we let God lead us. So where will we end up? Stay tuned to find out...


  1. Sounds like a big adventure ahead of you! Sorry the landlord's announcement was out of nowhere. It's never fun to have your world turned upside down in an instant like that. But sounds like you're already making the best of it. Prayers that you hear God's call and follow where he leads. :)

  2. When things like this happen, it's not like we get to choose that we would rather not deal with them, but I LOVE the way that you've chosen to deal with it; it won't ruin anything and will open the door for whatever adventure God brings your way. And like you said, it's great that you are doing it together.

  3. Ugh, the guy does sound a bit like a scrooge haha. Getting that news around the holidays definitely can be tough, but I also love the way you guys are taking it! In my life, it always seems like God likes to work through, or at least make the best of, shake ups like that, so I'm sure He will have something great in store for you. Prayers for you.

  4. Like the girls above, I just love and am really moved by your attitude. Good for you for being so positive and self-assured...and more than that, trusting that God will untie this knot for you! I will definitely be keeping you guys in my prayers!!

  5. Your landlord sounds inexperienced (in terms of being a landlord) and socially awkward, since he didn't handle that very well. I love how open you are to to different possibilities. You know we'd love to have you in this part of the country!

  6. So glad your marriage is strong in all these challenges. God bless your move and u/s series. Love it: Christ is bigger than this!