Thursday, August 31, 2017

All Cards on the Table

We have a special guest poster today. JJ will be posting his thoughts and rebuttal to a Wall Street Journal article he recently read.  Before we go into that please please please pray for all those affected by hurricane Harvey. I have friends and family in Houston. My younger cousin's home was flooded but he was able to get to his family to his father's home in time and they are all safe. Praise God! It is so scary to think of everything being wiped away in an instant. Prayers ascending for all the flood victims!

 So, take it away JJ...


      I recently read an article in a major newspaper[i] that really cut to the heart. It was about something the author referred to as a “brosectomy party”. Guys getting together to go to a doctor’s office where they eat, drink and get snipped. Though the article states that this type of thing is very common, I think that it was more of an advertisement. These “parties” apparently cost thousands of dollars for a procedure that is highly unnecessary. Unnecessary?! Here’s why: There is an alternative to the cut and paste treatment. Also, there is no reason to run away from your fertility! Being fertile is a state of health, not to be viewed as a disease that must be eliminated. And I say, “run away” because that’s what men are doing if they feel like they should mask the reality of the situation with booze and fancy ambiance. Trying to hide the guilt isn’t going to make it right. The guilt is there for a reason; a natural reaction to choose something that a person knows is not right. It’s the same for a woman contemplating similar contraceptive procedures.
It might be easy to wave the cloud of confusion out of one’s mind because there seems to be no other way around it. But we don’t have to go to such drastic measures; there is another way. One that not many want to talk about because a person must make an about face from what they have learned all their life; a way of thinking that has become the cultural norm. When a couple is faced with the decision to postpone or achieve a pregnancy, they ought not to look much further than their own bodies. The methods are written inside of our own DNA; on our hearts.
 Men are fairly simplistic, in that we are at all times fertile. Women, on the other hand, have a cycle of fertile and infertile days. This pattern, no matter how regular or irregular, only needs to be observed and learned to tap into the knowledge of achieving or postponing conception. There are various modern methods of learning about and keeping track of the cycle. These fertility awareness methods, sometimes referred to as natural family planning, are highly effective in their function. Statistics of one of these methods called the Creighton Model System[ii], has 99.5% effectiveness rate for postponing a pregnancy as well as a 75% rating for couples attempting to achieve a pregnancy after using the method for just one cycle.
  There are many marital benefits to being aware of your spouse’s fertility. One in particular is that men will be able to know, ahead of time, when their wife will most likely be more irritable! Time for flowers and chocolates! There becomes a hormonal harmony when husbands and wives are attuned to what is going on in their cycle. Communication improves, cooperation is more possible and marriage, over all, thrives. The practice of fertility awareness methods is becoming more and more popular with married couples as of recent because they are seeing these benefits and more.         
Men, we are not dogs! We have the ability control our passions. We don’t need to “get fixed” like some raging K-9 who can’t put on his pants one leg at a time. There is more to life than giving in to our base desires; living only for our selfish egos. If you have had a vasectomy, you are not to be condemned. Most likely, you have not heard of the alternative and probably thought it was the right thing to do. I do encourage you to get it reversed. No pain, no re-gain. Let’s man up and face the facts of reality; of nature. You got to have em’ if you’re going to want to put em’ on the table... How’s that for advertising?
-          J.J. Crow, Los Angeles, CA

[i]The Wall Street Journal: Monday, July 24, 2017 “A Vasectomy Doesn’t Have to Be a Sterile Affair”.

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